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Il est parti sans moi
Goodbye, Halcyon Days
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[01]She never slows down
Uh- Sasuke-san?

I- um... thank you for the bottle of firewhiskey! It is a very nice bottle and I'll definitely enjoy it! I don't usually drink, but since it's a present I guess I can!

Uhm. I'm not too sure I understood your poem though? I- I'm not as good at understanding them as you think I might be.

I think I got the part about the "grey pools of starlight" but the- the part about the "Valley o-of the Gods"? I didn't understand that at all...

I think I understand what you're trying to say, and-
I'm really sorry, but I- I don't, um, like you that way, Sasuke-san.
We can still be good friends though!

OOC: This is the result of this journal conversation, and Jim Kirk being a Slytherin who does not shy away from Blackmail.
[01]She never slows down
I'm glad everyone's getting better and out of the infirmary~ If anyone needs some help getting things or anything at all, let me know, okay! I'm your girl!
Uh- thank you very much to the two new nurses, we'd have definitely been in trouble without you!

Euphie, Yuma- you guys are okay, right?

[private to Ichigo]
E-even though you got hurt- thank you for-. I would've been in trouble if you hadn't been there. You're very brave.

I'm sorry I wasn't any help.
15th-Aug-2009 03:38 pm(no subject)
[01]She never slows down
Oh- wow...
Th-thank you to everyone who voted for me! I'll definitely do my best and not let any of you down!
Congratulations also, Professor Hawkeye!

What exactly do I have to do now? (Miria-san~ Do you have any tips for me?)

[Private to Ichigo]
Kuro- Ichigo~ Thanks for coming to Jim's party. It- I had- It was really, really great~ ^^
17th-Jun-2009 01:07 pm(no subject)
[01]She never slows down
I- I made Professor Iroh some healthy soup to help him get better, but- but I put off taking it around...

I guess it's too late now, right?
2nd-Jun-2009 06:10 pm(no subject)
[01]She never slows down
Guess what~! I've been turned into a bunny girl!

It's just like I'm Bunny-tan's big sister now~ We've got matching noses and ears and everything~ I don't think Bunny-tan has really noticed the difference though... He just a baby though, so....
Oh! Does anyone have a camera I can borrow? I want to take pictures before the spell wears off~

How does everyone else look? Did anyone else turn into a bunny~?
13th-May-2009 11:40 pm(no subject)
[01]She never slows down
I'm glad the Professors are alright again! I hope you're all feeling better this week~
Let's hope something like that doesn't happen again soon. I really want to see the movie it came from now~ I'm sure it won't be as interesting as this last week has been, but I'm curious now!

The dance was also really fun! It was great getting to spend more time with everyone outside of class! Especially Tatsuki-chan and Kurosaki-kun~ Not that I think we don't hang out lots already... but it's always good to spend extra time together, isn't it? I think that's what I mean... Ah well. Hopefully you had fun too.
(You have to dress up next time though! I felt a little silly being one of the only people in costume.... )

Ah! One last thing before I forget again~
Nurse Akabane! Recently I've been thinking about doing some extra study about healing and medicinal magic... If it isn't too much bother, would you be able to teach me a few spells? I'll do my best to study hard and not waste your time at all!
30th-Apr-2009 02:35 pm - HMD post~
[01]She never slows down
Hallos all~ It's taken me a while to get around to this but here it is!

Inoue's "How's My Driving?" Post!

Yup, it's just for Hime, halcyon_hime!
I'd really like some very specific feedback for this~ I've been playing Hime a while now and I'd really like to know if I'm on the right track. To find out the things that make you go: "ZOMG YEY" or "eh, hang on?", whether you think I should do X more/less/etc or if you've wondered if I've ever even read Bleach! Even if I haven't logged with you or you're just new~ Any and all opinions are welcome.

Please don't be afraid of hurting my feelings if you have got critism. If I can't take advice about my pretendy fun-time games I'm in trouble. ^^

IP logging is off and Anon-commenting is on if that's how you'd rather do it! 
(I'm trying to play her SS-arc or just after that if that helps anything at all.)
26th-Feb-2009 09:10 am - Extended Hiatus
[01]She never slows down
Well, due to exciting circumstances that involve the theft of my laptop and loss of connection of the internet at my flat, I'm going on an extended Hiatus.
I'll be able to access the internet at university, and I will be able to tag very, very slowly, but I won't be around much, if at all until things get sorted out. If you need to contact me you can use the LJ messaging system or email me at crescent . fall @ hotmail . com.

This effects Orihime halcyon_hime and Nanao bookish_nanao. (and the character app. that I've got...)
17th-Feb-2009 10:51 pm(no subject)
[01]She never slows down
Which bathroom should I use?

and- uh... how??
25th-Dec-2008 04:31 pm - OOC: MERRY X-MAS!
[01]She never slows down
Because Orihime forgetful thing that she is forgot that it was Christmas, she's been up all night baking for you!!! So here, have some Mini Christmas Cakes! with obligatory chocolate i

There's one for anyone who stops by!

Of course, the decorations are different for everyone!
- for her housemates, the wonderful Hufflepuffs- there are orange and black sprinkles (pumkins and bats, because she had some leftover from Halloween) If you're lucky, the bats might still have some enchantment on them and be flying around a little! You might notice that these ones are a little bigger than the others... Hime does love her housemates very much!
- Gryffindors have little lion sprinkles on their cake. She had fun enchanting those to roar when you chew them, so chew carefully...
- Ravenclaws, for course, get little blue books for sprinkles. They also get blueberries on their cake, because that matches better!
- Slytherins, lucky things that they are, get Christmas trees on their cake! Orihime thought about getting the trees to sing Christmas Carols, but she wasn't sure that the Slytherins would like that idea...

Professor Rangiku might find that hers is actually made with sake, rather than the usual brandy. ^^ And there might be a hint of red bean paste in there somewhere...
Yumichika's is sparkly. Veee~ry sparkly. And decorated with mini peacock feathers, like the ones he wore to the ball. There's a thank you note attached too!

^^ Merry Christmas All!

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