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Il est parti sans moi

Goodbye, Halcyon Days

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Inoue Orihime
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The character journal for Orihime Inoue at squarewarts.
Halcyon? hal·cy·on. calm. peaceful. happy. carefree.
Hime? princess. young lady. Orihime.
Me? Anne. crescent_fall. AIM: spraklysomething.
~ Nuit tu me fais peur ~
Orihime Inoue;
Name: Orihime Inoue
Series: Bleach
Age: 16
Blood: Muggle-born

~ Nuit tu n'en finis pas ~

Orihime is friendly, sensitive and kind. She’s devoted to her friends, and feels a great deal of compassion even towards her enemies. She is naïve and rather clueless; but as ditzy as she is, she's can also be incredibly perceptive and intelligent. Somehow she has become one of the top students in her class. She is completely useless at anything hands-on, though this doesn’t stop her from trying!
She has a tendency to rush into situations without thinking, though this is usually due to her eagerness to help. This occasionally leads to rather embarrassing situations. When she was younger, she was a real daydreamer; spacing out a million times a day with ideas and dreams of the way the world could be. She’s come down to earth a bit more as she’s gotten older, and has developed a more serious side. She still loves to live in her imagination, however, and can still easily be distracted.
Orihime believes the best of people, and hardly ever feels shy and awkward around others (though others occasionally feel awkward around her!). She’s always up for fun, and feels comfortable letting down her hair no matter what crowd she’s with.
Though Orihime is generally a sunny and happy person, she does carry feelings of inadequacy and sadness within her. She blames herself for not being stronger and be of more help to her friends, and feels at times that she is unnecessary. These feelings may stem from the guilt she puts on herself about her elder brother’s death.
She doesn’t speak about these issues to anyone, and most don’t know of her darker side, seeing only the smiles.
~ Comme un voleur ~

Orihime’s family moved to England from Japan before she was born. Her parents didn’t survive well out of their own culture, and started drinking heavily. When Orihime was born (an accident) neither wanted her, and took it in turns either neglecting or beating her. Orihime’s elder brother Sora ran away from home with her when she was 3. He took care of her after that, and they lived together in a small apartment in London.
Orihime has been able to perform magic since she was about 5 or 6 years old. She was constantly warned by her brother to be very carefully about where and when she did magic, yet he was incredibly proud of her. Her brother was the one who finally convinced her to accept the invitation to go to Hogwarts, as she did not want to go to school so far away from him. Sora promised her that Hogwarts would not come between them.
In Orihime’s second year, however, Sora died in a serious accident back in London. Orihime was at school at Hogwarts at the time, and blamed herself for his death; thinking that if she hadn’t been at school she might have been able to save him.
Orihime has continued on at Hogwarts, however, telling herself that her brother wanted her learn to use her magic properly, so she shouldn’t give up.
~ Il est parti sans moi ~

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Social capital

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